Waiting for love

If you feel like you are broken into a thousand pieces, lost, lonely and have endless broken Mondays, I assure you Jesus can and WILL heal you.

Tanisha Mascarenhas (Youth Ignited for Christ, Qatar)

LOVE! What is love? Is it a feeling? Is it a thing? Perhaps chocolate? Or ice-cream? Is it a person? Whatever it may be to you, we cannot dismiss its ground reality – everyone longs for it. Everyone desires it. Everyone chases it.

What’s love got to do with it? Well, everything! And yet the more we pursue it the more it seems like it falls through the crevices of our clutch, like sand seeping through our fingers. We know it is there and yet we cannot get a hold of it.

During the early teen years of my life all I ever longed for was love. I don’t mean the love from parents because I got alot of that but that didn’t seem to fulfill me. And so, on this rather long, painful journey to satisfy my hunger, I tried to seek love & attention from all the “cool” people which compelled me to expand the horizons of my circle of friends. But to my much surprise or rather dismay, it just left me more broken than before. Perhaps I thought I wasn’t worth it, maybe not good enough. One peculiar day, just as I was about to give up, I made a spontaneous decision that Friday afternoon to accompany my parents to a prayer service. Perhaps there was a remote possibility to a hope that seemed so bleak in my soul. Holding on to that tiny string I ushered into my Father’s house but was surprisingly lavished with an overflowing, everlasting, unchanging comfort of His love. This love filled my senses, my being – an unexplainable feeling that I am unable to justify with words. This love moved beyond barriers, beyond friendships, beyond the “significant others”, beyond teen idols and romantic movies, beyond music genres and glamour. This love was as if it had always been – a passionate volcano, sustained, liberating and unquenched. This love was, is …..Jesus Christ.

On a long car ride not so long ago, Waiting for your love” by Avicii was aired on radio and the tune caught my ear instantly but as I started paying close attention to the lyrics all I thought of was how worldly-love is so contrary to the selfless generous love of God. So I thought it would be a good idea to break down the chorus of this cool pep song and introduce you to my BFF JC (A.K.A Jesus Christ) my TRUE LOVE.

So here’s how the chorus runs –

“Monday left me broken” (but….He is your healer)
Let’s be honest, the world today especially youth are more emotionally broken than physically. I’ve been through it too and all I did was blame Jesus for it. It was not until I opened my heart and laid all my brokenness, insecurities and emotional scars at the feet of Jesus that I felt genuinely truly happy and set free from my fears. If you feel like you are broken into a thousand pieces, lost, lonely and have endless broken Mondays, I assure you Jesus can and WILL heal you. He is the only solution to the broken Monday. He WILL restore you but you have to lay your brokenness at his feet. Your response, His redeeming Power!

“Tuesday I was through with hoping” (but….He is your hope)
Often times in my life I felt like I was like a small boat struggling in a huge rough sea, hoping that someone would come and rescue me from my everyday struggles. We often fall into the trap of false hope, hope which is futile & that which eventually leads us to give up. I fell into this trap way too many times as a vulnerable teen but I found my hope in Christ and in Him I was able to set my feet on the rock again. Only in Him and through him, I can now live my life knowing fully well that he will be with me at every step of my way, even in moments where hope seems distant.

“Wednesday my empty arms were open” – (but…He is your comfort)
Worried about your future? Frustrated about your past? Just want someone to comfort you and tell you everything is okay? After all, sometimes a hug is all we need to feel better right? But wait… I didn’t have anyone to hug me back then and that just made me feel all the more miserable. I’m the type of girl to freak out and get worried about everything. I get anxious and worried when my football team plays & frustrated (or sometimes cry) when they lose, I get worried if I don’t know an answer to a question on my test or if my dad is a minute late to pick me up & often times I dwell in sadness over my past that I can’t change. But when I encountered Jesus, I found a place of comfort that no one could give me (ice-cream takes second place). He knows what we are going through; he knows our hurt & pain even if we don’t admit it. And so if you are in need of some comforting, JC is your man!
John 16:33 – “In the world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world”

“Thursday waiting for love, waiting for love” – (but…HE IS TRUE LOVE)
All of us have been hut at some point of our life right? How do we feel? Well, for one we’d run a thousand light years from such people. But when we look at the cross we see a love so supreme and quite contrary to the world’s response to hurt and betrayal. Jesus died for those who persecuted, laughed and denied him. He died for you & me whilst we were sinners. He carried that heavy cross for us. He was whipped, nailed and the only person on his mind was YOU! It was ME! He loves you to an extent that is unimaginable and unfathomable.

I desired, I searched, I waited & I hurt but when I met Jesus, I found more than I ever longed for. If you are in a situation like I was or you are going through the motions where life just seems like a vaccum with no love, I plead with you to stop! Think! And Re-orient your Life! Stop looking for love in the wrong places because you’re not gonna find it there. It will only bring you more heartache leaving you with scars that can jeopardize a glorious future God has personally planted for you. The ultimate source of love is waiting for you with arms wide open.

He’s the kind of love that super rock-in all through the week!

Stay blessed!

I’d like to propose a few of my favorite Gospel songs
How he loves us – Kim Walker
Love – Jaeson Ma
Jesus he loves me – Chris Tomlin