Royal Perks

I belong to an all-powerful Supreme King and not as His slave but as a child of His Kingdom!

Royal Perks
Brinelle D’Cruz – Youth Ignited for Christ, Qatar

‘Prince offers all guests diamond rings as his wedding gift.’- This was a news headline I came across very recently about one of the Royal families in the Middle East. As I went on to read the article, I saw images of the couple where the bride looked absolutely stunning with the trail of her gown completely embedded with diamonds!! At that point the only thought that crossed my mind was that I needed to try and find a way to get on such guest lists! (Like they say, diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend!)

Of Kings and Kingdoms

Being a resident of the Middle East myself, I can tell you that a news story like this – as extravagant as it may sound, might not be one of great surprise to the locals here. Arabic regions and in particular the Gulf expanse, follow an ‘Absolute Monarchy’ of a Government. It is one where the ruler has complete power over his people. By legacy, the role of authority is passed down within the family itself and so it is not uncommon for a Monarch to have been in power for many generations that follow. Moreover, the economic spurt in the region which has accelerated over the years has kept such governing bodies in a robust financially stable cocoon. So all in all, a wedding gift like the one mentioned above would seem appropriate for a prince’s stature.

But royalty is no common man’s language, there is so little a common man can relate to on a personal level. Think about it, media tends to be the main source through which we get any kind of information about these families. With the occupancy of such prominent power, they also tend to be guarded and protected with high levels of security all the time. In the Middle East this would mean that their palaces would be enclosed by high compound walls or if a royal member were to be driven to a particular location, his car would be both headed and followed by an entourage of security vehicles while the traffic police would ensure that all streets were clear while they passed by.

Child of the one true King

If I were to put the term royalty into a Christian context, the first thing that comes to my mind is that famous verse from St. Peter ‘You are a royal priesthood.’ I’ve heard and even sung this line endless times without ever realizing that the ‘you’ here is actually me!

I am a common person and yet I AM ROYALTY!!

I have lived in a land ruled by monarchs knowing all along the privileges that come with it and yet never realized that I myself am an heir to an even greater Royal Empire! How could an intrinsic truth such as this skip my mind?

I belong to an all-powerful Supreme King and not as His slave but as a child of His Kingdom! What’s more? Where monarchs may come and go and sometimes even give up their legacy for political scandals, I will always remain the child of the One True King as long as I live.

‘The Lord will hold you in his hand for all to see – a splendid crown in the hand of God.’ – Is 62:3

The prophet echoes the cry of my heart that missed such a revelatory truth. It’s like a blindfold has been taken off my eyes.
How could I have desired diamonds when my King considered me to be more precious than any other jewel? How could I have wanted to gain wealth and power when my Ruler who was eternally rich held me in the very palm of His hand? How could I forget that He offers me a kingdom far greater and one that will not perish or be swarmed with moths and rust one day?

Yes, we serve a King like no other. We don’t need to swipe ID cards or go through security checks to enter His Kingdom. In fact He Himself comes seeking us with open arms.

As people of God, you share in the royal office of Christ. He exercises his kingship by drawing all men to Himself through his death and Resurrection and we are called to fulfill our royal dignity by a life in keeping with our vocation to serve with Christ.
For the Christian, “To reign is to serve Him.” (CCC786)

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but Jesus is the treasure of great price that outshines all the jewels in the world put together and unlike diamonds he offers a free invitation to the treasury of His Grace.