Eagle Christians

During our early years as a Christian, God will carry us on his wings and launch us in our comfort zones.

Eagle Christians
Brinelle D’Cruz, Youth Ignited for Christ, Qatar

Psalm 103:5
He satisfies your mouth with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle.

I’ve always wanted to know in depth why God wants his followers to pattern their lives like those of an eagle. A few thoughts come to mind. ‘How far are we willing to go with God, and how high?’ ‘How close a relationship with God do we really desire?’

However to arrive at a convicted conclusion, let’s take a look at the characteristics of this remarkable creature: the Eagle.

This honourable bird called the Eagle is proud, strong and incredibly swift. It dwells on rocks in the high places. It is a devoted parent and a reliable mate. It is confident to stand alone at great heights, able to withstand the storms of life and change direction when it senses thermal currents allowing it to lift itself above them.

The eagle has a sharp eye, and builds her nest high up on a rock. Upon this strong foundation, it gathers tree limbs and pieces slowly making a sturdy nest. When ready, the mother eagle stays in the nest, arranging it and getting it ready for the little ones to come. In the meantime, daddy eagle gathers additional leaves, vines and animal fur to complete the home. When this process nears completion, the mother eagle pulls the feathers off her chest to pad the nest. Then she lays two to three eggs.

While mommy eagle is eagerly waiting for the young ones to hatch, daddy eagle continues to bring food for her strength and in addition brings toys for the baby eaglets, things like tennis balls, can tins, old shoes or any shiny objects.

When the time comes, the eaglet in the egg begins to peck and peck determinedly; a God given instinct that will equip the eaglet for the inevitable events of life that will follow in the near future. After several tries, the baby eaglet has a breakthrough.

Time to fly

For twelve weeks, mommy eagle nurtures the eaglets in the fur and feather lined nest, providing food, comfort and shelter. The eaglets are secure in their `comfort’ zones. Then suddenly mommy eagle starts throwing things out of the nest. She beats her feathers against the nest causing the fur, feather, toys, and other tree limbs to fly out of the nest. Suddenly the entire comfort zone appears vulnerable. Mommy eagle knows it’s time for her little ones to fly.

What follows next is incredible. Mommy eagle carries the eaglets on her back, and when he’s flown high enough in the sky she drops them. But just before they hit the ground, she sweeps
down swiftly, carries them on the back and soars to do it again. Over and over, she repeats the process till the eaglets become more and more independent, gaining confidence slowly but steadily in the highs of the horizon. Each new day brings new challenges learning to forage for food, face thermal currents and perceive danger. In doing so, they are slowly getting equipped to face life’s trials, thus developing the character they are known for – oldness, strength and fierce commitment.

So, what’s in it for me?

For starters God wants us to build our lives on the solid rock Jesus Christ. Suffering and trials are inevitable in the life of the follower of Christ but God will never allow us to take those leaps or soar those heights until he has equipped us to do so. During our early years as a Christian, God will carry us on his wings and launch us in our comfort zones. We have all experienced the security of our homes, jobs, friends, church etc. But there is a time in our life where God wants to take us to the next moment.

At one instance, we are cozy safely secure in the fur and feathered zone, the next instance everything around us in shaken. The place that was once comfortable will become uncomfortable. Everything changes so rapidly that nothing makes sense.

In these difficult moments where we feel worn and weary and stripped off Life’s strength God’s Word assures us comfort and solace. God says `Do not fear, for I Am with you’ (Isaiah 41:10)

Just as the eagle can sense the thermal currents at an immense distance and swiftly change the course of its direction, we too will learn to discern the leading of the Holy Spirit and God’s will for our lives. Life’s lessons learned will teach us to wait upon the Lord for everything in order to boldly and confidently declare `I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength’ (Phil 4:13)

And that’s why, even though our strength may sometimes fail and we may grow tired and weary with life’s changing seasons, we are called to rejoice because we know that God is slowly but steadily equipping us for the bigger role: your flight to the higher horizons – soaring
Higher, becoming stronger, being renewed for our eternal destiny.

`Do not fear, for I Am with you’ (Isaiah 41:10)