Singapore, ISAO Intercessory

Singapore, ISAO Intercessory

Prophetic intercession is seeking the Lord’s heart in what and how He wants us to pray.

ISAO Intercession Mountain Movers Gathering 4-6th December
Ann Marie Gatenby
Member, ISAO (Australia)
Intercessory Coordinator

In Dec 2017 ISAO held a gathering of intercessors consisting of country intercession coordinators and those being raise up in intercession leadership. 12 Countries were represented. Jim Murphy President of ICCRS, Cyril John Chairman of the ISAO Committee and Anne Marie Gatenby ISAO Intercession coordinator were the facilitators for this event. The main purpose of the Gathering was to knit us together in unity and purpose to be effective intercessors for the region of ISAO.

Topics covered were:

  • The purpose of Intercession for ISAO,
  • How be effective intercessors,
  • Identifying what type of intercessors we currently are
  • Growing in Prophetic Intercession,
  • How to establish and grow intercession groups

Besides the above there were times of intercession for the Region, each Individual and seeking the Lords guidance on intercession for ISAO in 2018.  There was a strong sense that the Lord is calling us to be ‘Mountain Movers’ (Matt17:20) and from this word a decision was made to Name the intercession ministry for ISAO as “Mountain Movers”. Consequently “ISAO Mountain movers 24/7” has commenced. This ministry covers the entire Region in continual prayer for 2018. The concept is simple yet powerful.   Once a week individual Intercessors from around the Region allocate one hour to pray for the intentions of ISAO.   This hour will be chosen by the individual intercessor and the prayer intentions will be sent to them on a monthly basis.

ISAO is responsible for 67 countries and due to many factors it can be difficult having contact with them all. Each intercessor attending the 2017 Gathering committed to stand in the gap and pray for 3 countries so that doors will be opened so all ISAO Countries will connect in with the ISAO family.

Also during this Gathering we looked at the importance of being Prophetic Intercessors. Put simply Prophetic intercession is seeking the Lord’s heart in what and how He wants us to pray. All in attendance were encouraged and enthusiastically returned to their Countries with the intention of training local intercessors to be prophetic in their ministry.

A prophetic word that was given during this Gathering said that “We are a mighty army of intercessors, pushing back darkness bringing in the kingdom of God”.

As Mountain Movers we have been given a mandate by the Lord to be united in prayer and assist Him in ushering in the Kingdom of God in our ISAO Region.